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Thursday, July 30, 2009


My tour in Afghanistan is complete--I am currently in Kuwait, starting to come home at long last.  I wound up less comfortable with posting from over there than I thought I would be.  Let's just say that it will be easier to communicate when I am no longer on active duty.
Call me old-fashioned, but I am amazed at what I see written and depicted on blogs from active-duty types these days.  More on that soon.  I grew up in the Cold War Navy, and I am that guy, the one constantly telling his friends and colleagues to watch what they say on the phone, to support personnel, and now--online.
Many many stories to tell--coming soon.  Right now, however, I am sitting in a Starbucks in Kuwait, making car reservations online.  Spoke to the wife, and today I finally get to do some laundry.  I also get the THROW AWAY a bunch of this Army gear.  
  I hauled pounds and pounds of this gear around the world just to see it sit under my bunk, undisturbed, so I could pull it out and haul it back.  I was glad to have it in case I needed it, but I didn't need it, so I'll be glad to see it go. 
   I was able to speak with my interpreter just before I stepped on the plane, and I will really miss him.  We went through a lot together.   I also spoke with my Croatian counterpart, a really good guy in the Croatian Army.  We worked together for several months, and I was supremely pleased that his contingent arrived.  Croatia has some first-rate guys.
   I have some German and Norwegian colleagues as well, and I will relay more about them in due time.
   Khoda Hafez.