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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I am now running Mac OS X (10.6), also known as Snow Leopard, which was a bit of a leap of faith. I live in Japan, and so am at the mercy of the few shops which carry English software. None of them had (or would soon receive) 10.6, so I had to buy a Japanese-language version of 10.6, and used it to update my existing English-language 10.5.8 to the new standard.
Fortunately, the good people at Apple seem to think of everything. As soon as I popped the Japanese Snow Leopard CD into my MacBook Pro, it used English. The splash screen, the install instructions, the progress screens, and shortly thereafter, all of the interface elements, files, folders, and so forth were all in English. I never saw a single Japanese character.
Of course, when I actually do want Japanese, it is simple to switch the entire system over. Any applications which support this sort of localization also shift language.
For more information on multi-lingual support and operation in the Macintosh Operating System, check out the Multilingual Mac blog.


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