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Friday, April 2, 2010

Medical Civil Disobedience

Doctor Cassell's notice to customers. [Fair Use Claimed. Original caption and credits: "Sign at the office door of Dr. Jack Cassell, a Mount Dora urologist. (Photo by Deirdre Lewis / April 1, 2010)"]

As reported in the Orlando Sentinel: Mount Dora doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere

I admit that I'm torn as to whether this is acceptable for a doctor, as opposed to a different sort of business.  After all, I think that we are all fairly opposed to seeing a notice on the door of a medical provider telling you that you will be seen based on your politics.

In the end, however, I find it acceptable.  Here's why:

The doctor is committed to providing the best care that he can to his patients. If the doctor is convinced that Obamacare is going to reduce the care he can provide to all of his patients anyway, then is he not oath-bound to work against it?

So while I think that in general it is wrong, I also think that it is healthy for the nation to have this sort of thing happen a few times. I view it as a form of civil disobedience.  Blocking traffic and impeding others as they go about their business is wrong in general, but in the aggregate, for a good cause, it is of benefit to us all.